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Feeling Cross and Sorting It Out


Sheila Hollins and Nick Barratt. Illustrated by Beth Webb.





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We all know how it feels to get cross or lose our temper. Sometimes, when we lose our temper, we do things we wouldn’t normally do. In Ben’s case, he gets so cross that he ends up pushing his supporter Paul. Ben’s story shows how, when Paul supports him in the right way, he feels relaxed and in control instead of cross and under pressure.

But the pictures don’t cover all the ways to help people avoid feeling cross, nor do they show all the things people do when they lose their temper. For example, Ben’s story shows how his supporter learns new ways of supporting him. While this can be enough, there are times when the person who gets cross needs to learn how to cope better with situations that make them angry.

The pictures in this book can help people think about the support a person needs to avoid them getting cross or upset or stressed. If this story is like your own story, you may want to work with your supporters or family carers to develop ‘behaviour support strategies’, and find better ways of dealing with difficult situations. Behaviour support strategies should always be part of an overall plan of support aimed at helping you to live your life to the full.